About John Gaffney


Born in South Milwaukee, John began studying piano at the age of seven while growing up in the Chicago Suburbs.  At age twelve he transitioned to organ study.  His first job ever was in high school as Assistant Director of Music at a large Roman Catholic parish.  He moved to California after high school where he studied music theory and composition, choral conducting and theology on the somewhat small, private school, The University of San Diego.  John continued with graduate studies in liturgy and sacred music at the also small, private school of Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley.  John has worked in parish liturgy and music for over twenty years with a vision to implement the Church’s tradition of sung liturgy, which unfortunately is a rarity in the Roman Church.  His last parish position was Director of Liturgy and Music at Good Shepherd Parish, the largest, most culturally diverse parish in the Diocese of San Diego.   John continues to compose and publish with the goal of composing choral music accessible to the average, volunteer parish choir.  He is also currently working on more advanced pieces for professional choirs.  John also gives lectures and presentations on Liturgical and sacred music topics.  In the fall of 2019, John will continue his education working towards a doctoral degree in Liturgical Studies


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