Sacred Choral Music

Every church music director I know cherishes a good one or two rehearsal choral anthem.  If it’s a capella, all the better.  Many of these anthems were composed with that in mind and are accessible to the average parish choir.  Some anthems are more difficult, such as “Prayer to Mary”,  “Ave Maria” and especially “Ubi Caritas” given the divisi and harmonies they contain and will require more rehearsal time!  the first three anthems are short in length, allowing the choir to spend more time working on blend, shape and sound rather than learning parts.  May all the anthems help the People of God enter more deeply into the Sacred Liturgy.  -JG

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  • Set Me Like a Seal, for Debbie Gaffney+ (Published, GIA)

Listen  Preview/purchase score

  • Seek The Lord (Published, GIA)

Listen  Preview/purchase score

  • Our God Has Gone Up (Published, GIA)

Listen  Preview/Purchase Score

  • Prayer to Mary In Times of Distress, for Ron Gollatz+, (Publication in Process)


  • Salve Regina (Publication in Process)


  • Ave Maria (Publication in Process)


  • Ubi Caritas (Publication in Process)



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